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Issue 21 – Things That Matter


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Issue 19 / 20

Dorota Czerner   Editor’s Note
Benjamin Boretz   Unconnecting the Dots
2014 (“… The sun poured molten glass on the fields…”)
David Lidov   MIMESIS for string quartet / score and commentary 
Elizabeth Hoffman   twelve to seven, UV176 / score
1954-1956 Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra / Nocturne
Elaine R. Barkin    A Bunch of “Shorts”
David Hicks    From an email on Concerto Grosso
2014 Fantasy on an Improvisation by Jim Randall (in memoriam jkr)
Steve Greene    Listening to Ben Boretz (MIDI version of Fantasy)
Russell C. Richardson   Philatelia (also on Poppies, Group Variations, Downtime)
William Anderson   Inside Ben Boretz’s Fantasy on an Improvisation
1956 Divertimento
Elaine R. Barkin   Divertimento
1956 Violin Concerto
Leon Botstein   A Jewel from the Past
Geoffrey Pope   to Ben
Mark So   a postcard
1957-1958  String Quartet
2004-2005  Postlude
Martin Brody   String Quartet
Judy Klein   Postlude
Arthur Margolin   “After-Postlude” / photo
Robert Morris   “The detail of the pattern is movement”
2007-2008 / 2010-2011  Qixingshan for String Quartet
David Hicks   Thinking Over Qixingshan
Eric Lyon   Listening to Qixingshan with Ben
Paul Lansky   On the Qixingshan Trail / score
Joshua Banks Mailman   The Time and Space of Boretz’s Quartet Qixingshan
Chris Stover   Walking Up and Over: Approaching Boretz’s Qixingshan
1958  2 musics for Lucas Foss / 1960  2 Donne Songs for soprano and piano
Elaine R. Barkin   Two musics for 4 hands for Lucas Foss / Donne songs
Elaine R. Barkin   COLLAGES
2011  The Memory of All That ( a Holy Sonnet of John Donne for Milton Babbitt)
Charles Stein   Death Be Not Proud
Craig Pepples   The Memory of All That
Susan Quasha   2 photos
1964-1967 / 2005   Group Variations  / for chamber orchestra /
Group Variations II.1 for Computer
Frank Brickle   regarding Group Variations / score
Jon Forshee   Speaking of Listening, Speaking of Seeing… Dialogue
Jon Forshee   Reader’s Adendum
Aaron Keyt   Considering Group Variations II for Computer
Scott Gleason   A Group of Listenings
2002 Ainu Dreams (Realtime piano)
2012 With Respect to George (vibraphone)
George Quasha   Axial Music for Ben Boretz
Benjamin Boretz   With Respect to George / score
2005 Downtime for piano and electronic percussion
Noah Creshevsky   Downtime
J.K. Randall    from When the Birds Come Calling
Elaine R. Barkin   Liner Notes
Dorota Czerner   Downtime Spaces
1976-1977 “…my chart shines high where the blue milk’s upset…”
Michael Fowler   Hearing through chart: a second listening
Michael Scherzinger   Piano, Ontological Object
Neal Kosaly-Meyer   Apostrophe
John Rahn    Blue Chart / Greek Bones (score)
Jeff Presslaff    Recollections on…
2009 Caves, 2011 St. Andrew’s Night, 2012 Fireflies (with Dorota Czerner)
Dorota Czerner    Nocturnes for Ben — Introduction and 3 pieces
1978  Language ,as a music / six marginal pretexts for composition
Elaine R. Barkin   Reexperiencing Language ,as a music
Dora A. Hanninen   Words, Musical Organization, and Boretz’s “Thesis”
1982   Talk: If I am a musical thinker (paperpiece)
Carmen Chan   Photo-Collage
James Hullick   Oh man, this sideways crap is endless
1980  Boretz/Tichenor: Om Namah Shivaya (Inter/Play)
Marjorie Tichenor   on Om Namah Shivaya
2001  O for piano
Mara Helmuth   From O for 2 cellos and electronics
Elaine R. Barkin   BAB-O
2001  I/O  for 2 Speakers
Jean-Charles François    I.O.U.A Lot
2001  Session in Copenhagen
Dan Marmorstein    Got some things to talk about
1981-88  Inter/Play  realtime sound sessions
ONE  an exercise / eight piano solo sound sessions (1985)
The River Between  (with Richard Teitelbaum)  (1987)
Robert Kelly    TUNE, listening to Benjamin Boretz play (1984)
Richard Titelbaum    “for Ben…”
Gavin Russom   Onetext and Onetext Commentary
Tom DJll   Inter/Play
Keith Eisenbrey   Another for clavichord / score
Arthur Margolin   Marsh Grass in the Wind /”…chart” photo
Hilary Tann   for BAB / Haiku
1999 UN(-) for chamber orchestra
Harvey Sollberger   Program Notes, La Jolla, 2005
Scott Burnham   Traces of UN(-)
1988-1992  Scores for Composers
Michael Dellaira   A SENSE OF DIRECTION
1997  echoic/anechoic (soundscore)  /  Black /Noise I (computer)  /  Black /Noise III (video)
Tildy Bayar   A short essay on resonance, post-Echoic/Anechoic; Black /Noise I; Black /Noise III
Warren Burt   Encountering Ben’s Black Noises
1988  Lament for Sarah
Fernando Garcin Romeu    Lamento por Sara  SPANISH & ENGLISH
1994  music/consciousness/gender
Mary Lee Roberts    m/c/g
John McGinness    A birthday letter about music/consciousness/gender
1981-89  Improvisations & Conversations
Robert Paredes   Might Never Have Been
2015  a Session in Hong Kong
Sascia Pellegrini    On the Musical Thinking of Benjamin Boretz / photos
Paloma Kopp    Proxy Internal Zine, Permanent Autonomous Zone
Mary Lee Roberts  Open Spaces




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