Issue 5     fall 2003

Benjamin Boretz     Vignettes of Old Masters II: Arthur Berger (1912-2003)
J.K. Randall     On Facing Front
J.K. Randall     program note for “shouldn’t we talk?”
Benjamin Boretz     One More Little Review (jkr’s “shouldn’t we talk?”)
Alan Rich     Books by Arthur Berger and Paul Bowles
Newton Armstrong and Dániel Péter Biró     Reports from LITSK 2003 at Princeton
Tildy Bayar     Department of Space and Land Reclamation (West)
Julia Heimerdinger     Zeitkratzer and experimental programming
Martin Supper     Simone Heilgendorff: Experimentelle Inszenierung von SPRACH und MUSIK
Elaine Barkin     “when you label me, you negate me” — Søren Kierkegaard
Eric N. Peterson     Inside/Out: A Response to I/O
Howard S. Becker     The Power of Inertia
Renée Coulombe     The Tao of (Free) Improvisation
Robert Paredes     After…In…After
Charles Stein     A Note on Leahy and Boretz
Charles Stein     Many Hungers from the Gender Garden
Joel G. Taylor     In Praise of Lou Harrison
Elaine Barkin     Thoughts About Lou Harrison and His Music
Andrew McGraw     The Balinese New Music Scene, Summer 2001
David Borgo     Between Worlds: The Embodied and Ecstatic Sounds of Jazz
Ross Feller     On Busking, or, the Body and Soul of Street Performance
Martin Brody     The Will to Connect: Wolpe’s Theater of Action and Memory
Jean-Charles François     Stefan Wolpe’s Dual Thought
Erik Ulman     Considering Feldman
William Anderson     Hausmusik
Yvon Gilles     Rap, Techno: Pathos and Politics
John Rahn     Chloe’s Friends (a symposium about music and mathematics)
Michel Ratte     Rereading Improvisation: Improvisation and Form
Chris Williams and Ben Carson     On the Piano Music of Benjamin Carson
Chris Delaurenti     “I am the Messiah”
Benjamin Boretz     Is Music Necessary?
George Quasha     art is…
J.K. Randall     What Is It about ‘About’?