Issue 6     fall 2004

Jonathan Kramer (1942-2004): Memorials by Kyle Gann, Martin Scherzinger, and Fred Lehrdahl

Russell Richardson     Michel Gondry / in praise of the small form
Juliana Snapper     Judy Klein’s ‘the wolves of Bays Mountain’
Katharine Norman     Before and After Listening to Judy Klein’s ‘the wolves of Bays Mountain’
John Peel     The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt
Charles Stein     The Problematics of Closure
Benjamin Boretz     On Milton’s Language
Newton Armstrong     When Music Resists Meaning: The Major Writings of Herbert Brün
Keith Eisenbrey     A Phillipic
David Borgo     The Other Side of Nowhere: Jazz, Improvisation, …Benjamin Piekut… and Communities in Dialogue  [Two Reviews]
Richard Kostelanetz     Tom’s Thom
Chris Tonelli     “Powering Up/Powering Down”: A Model for for Idea Sharing
Mary Lee Roberts     We Lose Our Way

texts by Renée Coulombe, Barbara White, Paul Humphreys, Warren Burt, Jonathon Grasse, Katherine Hagedorn, Robert Reigle, Jon Forshee, Tildy Bayar
Robert Morris     Respiration in Stefan Wolpe’s Piece in Two Parts for Six Players
Dora Hanninen     Association and the Emergence of Form in Two Works by Stefan Wolpe
Christopher Williams    KIVA
Jean-Charles François     Art, Musicians, and Music Teaching Today
John Rahn     The Swerve and the Flow: Music’s Relationship to Mathematics
Erik Ulman     Representations of the Natural in Cage, Young, and Lachenmann
Walter Branchi     Three Texts
George Quasha     Axial Drawing
Benjamin Boretz     3 for now
Dorota Czerner     a friend came to our house….