OPEN SPACE Publications, and THE OPEN SPACE Magazine, are output from a community for people who need to explore or expand the limits of their expressive worlds, to extend or dissolve the boundaries among their expressive-language practices, to experiment with the forms or subjects of thinking or making or performing in the context of creative phenomena.

We want to create a hospitable space for texts and graphics which, in one way or another, might feel somewhat marginal — or too ‘under construction’ — for other, kindred publications. The people who populate our contributing/editing/reading/listening community are composers (in whatever medium), performers, historians, ethnologists, theorists, critics, philosophers, scholars and seekers of any kind who feel drawn to participate with us in scouting expressive frontiers. We hope you’ll want to join this exchange.

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Open Space Music Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 that relies on donations to keep running. Your involvement as a participant and a contributor is crucial to our continued existence. We hope that you consider helping us to cultivate a place where thoughts, expressive worlds, or new creative works can be formulated and exchanged through our publications in print, sound, and digital media. Every contribution, large or small helps us achieving this goal. All donations are tax-deductible. THANK YOU!

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