Contributions to THE OPEN SPACE Magazine are invited from interested composers, performers, artists of any media, critics, theorists, historians, ethnographers, philosophers — anyone engaged with creative, critical, or scholarly matters.
Submissions should be made in etext form, and sent via email to or by postal mail to:

The Open Space Magazine
29 Sycamore Drive
Red Hook, NY 12571 USA

If you have questions, write us at either of the above addresses, or phone us at (845)758-5785.

Editors: Benjamin Boretz, Dorota Czerner, Tildy Bayar, and Arthur Margolin.

Contributing Editors: William Anderson, Tom Baker, Elaine R. Barkin, Martin Brody, William Brooks, Scott Burnham,Warren Burt, Renée Coulombe, David Dunn, Jody DiamondKeith Eisenbrey, Jon Forshee, Jean-Charles François, Kyle Gann, Brad Garton, Scott Gleason, Daniel Goode, Henry Gwiazda, Elizabeth Hoffman, James Hullick, Judy Klein, Paul Lansky, George E. Lewis, David Lidov, Eric Lyon, Joshua Banks Mailman, Robert Morris, Ian Pace, Susan Parenti, Jann Pasler, Sascia Pellegrini, George Quasha, Jay Rahn, John Rahn, Russell C. Richardson, Dean Rosenthal, Martin Scherzinger, Christopher Schultis, Mark So, Charles Stein, Chris Stover, Martin Supper, Erik Ulman, Douglas C. Wadle, Daniel Warner, Barbara White, Xingzhou Shen, Guilherme Zelig.