Issue 12/13   /   Fall 2010/Winter 2011


Tildy Bayar Variations: A photographic accompaniment to Milton Babbitt’s Occasional Variations
Benjamin Boretz The Memory of All That a holy sonnet of John Donne for Milton Babbitt (1916-2011)
Elaine R. Barkin XTET: Last Dance for Milton
Charles Stein Magic Without Tears in the writings of Lissa Wolsak
Lissa Wolsak Pen Chants
Dorota Czerner les Yeux sans Visage
Madison Brookshire Uncommon Knowledge: Mark So’s Text Scores
J. K. Randall Have You Heard?
Philip Corner Vexations UPDATED
John Beaulieu On Franz Kamin: Improvisation and Empowerment
tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE Remembering Franz Kamin
Franz Kamin Valentale
David Mott Beautiful Material: The Non-Western-Influenced Music of Robert Morris [ download accompanying soundfiles ]
Alexander Sigman Klangprojektion in die Zeit: Marcos Mesquita on Helmut Lachenmann’s STAUB
David Hicks If you got ears, you gotta listen!
Jon Forshee Transcribing Globalalia
Daniel Goode Torture By Music
Victor Szabo Jean-Luc Nancy: Listening
Brian Kane On Reading Listening
Walter Branchi Sacredness of place
David A. Jaffe In Memoriam Henry Brant
Jean-Charles François Nos os
Elaine R. Barkin Recent Excellent [and Not So Excellent] Adventures in Listening
Benjamin Boretz Mixed Messages (Some Little Reviews)
                         Vignettes of Old Masters VI: Lukas Foss (1922-2010)
Boretz/Morris/Randall Some Open Space Liner Notes
Arthur Margolin Personifications
Dean Rosenthal A Few Brief Thoughts on Music and Time
Robert Morris Remembering Rapport
Jean-Charles François Variations on and for Daniel Charles
Eric Myers Other Minds 15
Luke Schulze Why didn’t we do this before?
Hubert S. Howe Max Mathews: A Remembrance for Open Space
Benjamin Boretz Rainyday Reflections: fourth and long in Baltimore
George Quasha listening on a curve
Bernardo Feldman Tres Piezas Para Piano



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