Here we will offer out-of-print issues for download in Adobe PDF format, as well as accompanying materials to the print magazine.

NEW: Special Issue 19 & 20   9 x 9   [ download accompanying sound files ]

Elaine Barkin: A soundtext for Jim Randall [ download accompanying sound file ] OS 17.

Benjamin Boretz: Dialogue for JKR [ download accompanying sound file ] OS Issue 17.

Peter Cook & Kenny Lerner Live in Rochester, Excerpt from “poetry is (Speaking Portraits)”, Vol.II by George Quasha, [view video]

Robert Morris: Structure and Infra-Structure in Milton Babbitt’s music – Listening to Babbitt’s Concerti for Orchestra [ download accompanying sound files ] Special Issue 14 – PNM supplement to Vol. 49/2

Philip Corner Vexations Issue 12/13

David Mott Beautiful Material: The Non-Western-Influenced Music of Robert Morris [ download accompanying sound files ] Issue 12/13

Bernardo Feldman Tres Piezas Para Piano Issue 12/13

Download Issue 1 (160 pages).