Issue 11 / Fall 2009 

Dieter Schnebel Eulogy for Mauricio Kagel
Jean-Charles François Dialogs of Deafening Gifted Eavesdroppers
Andrzej Turowski Paintings — Energies
Mikhail Horowitz A Sound A Second For 273 Seconds
Matt Marble A Chirping of Stars is Ticking My Thin Ear: Osip Mandelstam
Peter Downsbrough OPEN . . .
Marie-Claude Lambotte The Movement of the “Originary” in Art
Douglas C. Wadle George Lewis: A Power Stronger Than Itself
Cambiz A. Khosravi Essay on Peter Hutton’s At Sea
Brian Hulse Rethinking Contextuality in Tonal and Post-Tonal Centricity
Robert Gluck Josef Tal, A Remembrance
Patrick Fadely noise
Peteris Cedrins A Door for Dorota
Fernando Garcin Second Rain/La Secunda Lluvia
Dean Rosenthal Notes for the Culture: A Few Brief Thoughts on Time / Poetica
Benjamin Boretz Rainyday Reflections I: Internal Philosophy


Eric Lyon Deer Park
David Hicks Something About Something About A Pitch Freak
Arthur Margolin When When The Birds Come Calling Comes Calling
S. Kelly Avants Dear Jim
Brad Bassler A Rhetoric of Dislocations
Steve Greene A Guide to JKR Pass 3, continued
J. K. Randall Sentences

Pedro Rivadeneira CorporalMente (Part I)
Harvey Bialy / Charles Stein Welcome to the Kali Yuga
Robin Richardson remember the children . . .
Dorota Czerner A Quilt for Elaine Barkin and the women of Gee’s Bend