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the open space magazine 
special issue 19 & 20
OS cd 33
63 contributors:
texts, images, scores, poetry,
music recordings, graphics
for benjamin boretz at 81

scores and texts 
music by and for Ben by his friends

The O P E N S P A C E magazine
special double issue, fall 2015 / spring 2016


Benjamin Boretz:
Divertimento (1956) VSL realization
I/O (with Mara Helmuth) (2001)
ONE: Onetext / Onecommentary / Fourtext (1985)
from INTERPLAY: Om Namah Shivaya (with Marjorie Tichenor) (1981)
sugar, free (with Wadada Leo Smith) (1989)
“What Lingers On” (1977) — intro talk & discussion
A Composition by Dan Marmorstein from a session in Copenhagen (2001)
Benjamin Boretz, UN(-) for orchestra (1999)
J.K. Randall, (a benfest) The Trajectory of UN(-)  (2004)

cd 1

JK Randall: BAB-O, for c-sound
Mara Helmuth: From O, for 2 cellos and electronics
Leah Plave, Peter Phelan, cellos
Paul Lansky: On the Qixingshan Trail, for string quartet
Scot Moore, Reina Murooka, violins; Rosemary Nelis, viola; Stanley Moore, cello
Keith Eisenbrey: Another, for clavichord and ping-pong balls
Keith Eisenbrey, clavichord
Elizabeth Hoffman: twelve-to-seven for Ben, for piano
Blair McMillan, piano
David Lidov: Mimesis, for string quartet
Holly Jenkins, violin; Mia Laity, violin; Scot Moore, viola; Eleanor Lee, cello
Martin Supper: gEXXb, for computer
Frank Brickle: Regarding Group Variations, for piano
Frank Brickle, piano
John Rahn: Greek Bones, for two trombones 
Chris Stover & Jen Baker, trombones
Robert Morris: Ode, for piano
Margaret Kampmeier, piano


cd 2


music by Benjamin Boretz:

echoic/anechoic (1997), realtime piano
Benjamin Boretz, piano
With Respect to George (2013), for vibraphone solo or duo
Sascia Pellegrini, vibraphone solo 
Fantasy on an Improvisation by Jim Randall
(in memoriam J.K. Randall, 2014), for banjo, mandolin, alto flute, english horn, violin, cello
Hilary Hawke, banjo; Joseph Brent, mandolin; TJ Wible, alto flute; Zachary Boeding, english horn; Scot Moore, violin; Eleanor Lee, cello
Group Variations I, for chamber Orchestra (1967)
The Group for Contemporary Music, conductor: Charles Wuorinen
The River Between, excerpt (1987)
Benjamin Boretz, piano; Richard Teitelbaum, PolyMoog Synth, wooden flute
“the sun poured molten glass on the fields” (2014), for electronic or acoustic piano
realized electronically by the composer

cd 3


music by Benjamin Boretz:

“What I Could Hear…”, for piano
A Passage for Roger Sessions (1979)
Jeff Presslaff, piano
Concerto Grosso I, for string orchestra (1954)
Nocturne for string orchestra (Concerto Grosso II) (1955)
Two Holy Sonnets by John Donne (1960)
for soprano and piano (vibe and piano version)
Partita, for piano (1955)
Prelude, Gavotte, Allemande, Capriccio
Black /Noise I (1998), for computer-processed piano


The generous support of The Department of Music of Princeton University and Perspectives of New Music  
toward the publication of this volume is gratefully acknowledged.

The Open Space Magazine, Special Issue 19 & 20. Published April 2016 by Open Space
29 Sycamore Drive, Red Hook, NY 12571. ISSN #1525-4267.