Issue 17/18     spring 2015/fall 2015

Eric Watier     “The easier it is, the more beautiful it is” (1)
Russell Richardson     Godard dogart
David Gutkin     “Meanwhile, let’s go back in time”. Allegory, Actuality, and History in Robert Ashley’s Television Opera Trilogy*
Tamas Panitz      Contrapuncti
Mark So     Music is full of incident (Christian Wolf at 80)
Joshua B. Mailman      Crash and getting me started: how Robert Ashley changed my mind
Matt Marble      “Magic Thought”*
Paul A. Epstein     Remembering Orange Dessert*
Larry Polansky     The Best American Poetry You’ll Never Read
Tamas Panitz      poetry is (Speaking Portraits), Volume II, by George Quasha
Kurt Gottschalk /Urania Mylonas     Angel of the Mourning: Diamond Galas
George Quasha     Uncertainties
Christian Asplund      Mysterious and Therefore Useful: Composer Indeterminacy and Christian Wolf
Mark So    wulf notes
J. Farley-Upjohn     Extasis cum sensore
Alana Siegel     Legs (Meredith Monk’s On Behalf of Nature)
Philip Corner     Mussorgsky out of Boris Godounov
Kyle Gann     “Eventfulness is Really Boring”: Robert Ashley as Minimalist*
Thomas Buckner     Memories of Bob*
Kara Feely/Travis Just      Remembering Robert Ashley*
Rob Haskins      Ashley: A Remembrance*
Kevin Holm-Hudson      Remembering Robert Ashley*
Eric Watier      “The easier it is, the more beautiful it is” (2)
Tamas Panitz      There Where You Do Not Think To Be Thinking
Tom Johnson      My Friend Robert Ashley*
Pauline Oliveros      Remembering Robert Ashley*
Aaron Siegel      Personal Lives — In the Home of Robert Ashley*
John Robison      Indonesian Influences in the Music of Elaine Barkin
Paula Mathusen      Recombinant Strategies: Orchestral Music of Elliot Sharp
Marc Sabat      The String Quartets of Christian Wolff
Michael Pisaro      C. Wolff (for piano)
Larry Polansky      six string, ten fingers and the heterophonic ideal: Christian Wolff’s Recent Guitar Music
Larry Polansky      There Scores for Christian Wolff
Lucie Vitkova      Learning to Change with Christian Wolff’s Music
Fred Mauss      Berlin Postcards
Joan Arnau Pámies      Composition in the 21st Century: The Need for Critical Insertion
Pedro Rivadeneira      An excerpt of dr. saturnian’s monologue
Walter Branchi      Passive and Active Environmental Sounds
Benjamin Boretz      Dialogue for JKR
Beth Randall      JKR After Life
Jim Randall : A Memorial Blog by his family, friends, and colleagues
Elaine R. Barkin      Randall, James K(irtland)
Eric Watier      “The easier it is, the more beautiful it is” (3)
*texts in memory of Robert Ashley (1930-2014)