Issue 15 & 16     fall 2013/winter 2014

Benjamin Boretz     Harold Shapero (1920-2013)
James Hullick     Never Mind the Bollocks
Peteris Cedrins     On/Off The Grid
Dorota Czerner     Black Lake Eye
Peteris Cedrins     Scratchings
Benjamin Boretz     The Universe of One, And, The Music of The Other
Mark So     text | composition — scores and structure after 4’33
Dean Rosenthal     Stones/Water/Time/Breath; Maybe They Are Already There
Benjamin Boretz      “a score is a stimulus” / scores for composers
Dorota Czerner     Heart of Grayness  The Art of Piotr Skiba
Sam Truitt     Shaft/State State/Shaft
Joshua B. Mailman     Seven Metaphors for (Music) Listening: DRAMaTIC
Arthur Margolin     Personifications 3
Barbara White      Days, Numbered (IANMTU)
Matthew Crain      Magnetised: On “An Encounter”: A Composition Lesson
tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE      30 4 5 + 97.9
Richard Kostelanetz      Why Me? Another Biography of John Cage
Chris Golinski      Music 109, by Alvin Lucier
Daniel Goode      Thumbnail Reviews
Eric Lyon      Composing With Noise
James Hullick      Sono-Psychologized: The Magnificent Galactophonic Odyssey Ridden Hummingly Before The Siren   Captain Alice
Augustus Arnone      The Ear is Not A Camera: The Divide Between the Visual and Acoustic Perceptual Habits in Finnissy’s  The History of Photography in Sound
Steven K. Takasugi      Not Toward, but Away: One Perspective on an Asian Influenced Future Music
Douglas C. Wadle      Introduction to Reframing
Alicja Jodko      Carried on the Waves of the Epic — The Song of the Sirens
Payton McDonald      Charles Wuorinen’s Marimba Variations
Walter Frank      Words as Music: John Cage’s Musical Writings
John Halle      Occupy Wall Street, Composers and the Plutocracy
Martin Brody      Music for the Masses: Milton Babbitt’s Cold War Music Theory
Elaine R. Barkin      Telling it Slant or In Search of the Early Years or “A Sitting On A Gate’
Robert Podgurski      Mountain Sent