Current Issue

Issue 22 – For Chris Mann


Issue 21 – Things That Matter


Alex Harsley, Steve Cannon, Leonard Easter, Jack DeJohnette –On Ornette

Christopher Funkhouser –On Cecil Taylor and Amiri Baraka

THINGS THAT MATTER: A Provocation / The Responders

Benjamin Boretz –On One On One

David Lidov –A Bagatelle – Fiddling While Rome Burns

Fernando Garcín Romeu –Decals / Calcomanías

Dorota Czerner –Fingerprints

Jon Forshee –Things That Matter (One of what follows is not a thing)

Guilherme Zelig – Four Diary Entries

Charles Stein –The Vanishing Dog

Russell Craig Richardson – Thngs Tht Mttr (ncl. M._.S.)

Nikolaos Katranis –M.E.S. & Prestwich Council v. Trump, Imposter

Elaine R. Barkin –Things That Matter

Dr. A.J. Williams-Myers –Lamentations: The New York City African Burial Ground

Daesha Devon Harris –Just Beyond The River

David Kettler –A Monument in Kreuzberg: Between Marx and Michels

Chris Stover –Sun Ra’s Mystical Time

Steve Greene –What Really Matters

Martin Supper –Things That Matter

Jessica Sue Burstein & Claudio Marcotulli –Hers

Heide Hatry –Toward an Art Subject: Introduction to Icons in Ash

Caroline Kraabel –A poem / Song About Brexit

Peter Downsbrough______open space

Joel Newberger – Infiniteseminal

Jean-Charles François –What Matters

John McGinness –Public Education, Charter Schools, Alternative Facts

Travis B. Kennedy –Where are we going and where have we been?

Billie Chernicoff –Six Rites For Now

Jody Diamond –Interpretations

David Sachs –Things That Matter

Jan Harrison –“Balance” from the series “Animals in the Anthropocene”

Noah Creshevsky –Things That Matter

Arthur Margolin –Personifications 3

Tildy Bayar –Hertford East railway station

Marianne Kielian-Gilbert –The Grain of the Performative

Neal Kosaly-Meyer –Silence Matters

Catherine Schieve & Warren Burt –Things That Matter

Tom Djll –Things That Matter On My Desktop

Mikhail Horowitz –Shuffled Months

BABA – Tirade (from my diary, 1981)

Carmen Chan –Things That Matter – a collage

Barbara Blatner –DATA or What is Given: a play

Janyce Stefan-Cole –Clowns

Harvey Sollberger –Wild Strawberries

Ed Sanders –Two Glyphs on Things That Matter

Todd Rossman –a poem or two

Tamas Panitz –Rose, a poem

Lila Dunlap –Three poems

Scott Gleason –Things That Matter

Brian Wood –Three Paintings

Hune Margulies –on the birth of the son of man

Peter Lamborn Wilson –Three Pamphlets

Fátima Vale –Portugal is a Nero-logism

Mark So –Words, words, words

Tildy Bayar –Waltham Abbey

Roman Kossak –Total Seeing

Anne Gorrick –Poems from FEED

Wanda Siedlecka –Minutes & Weaving

Keith Eisenbrey –Sound Stopping

João Cunha & Dorota Czerner – Ilustração de uma Trajetória

Joshua Banks Mailman – Fascist Music Theory

bab –zero philosophy

Robert Podgurski –An Appreciation of Gerrit Lansing

Christopher Funkhouser -Pressing Record: On Ginsberg

Judy Klein –  nyc emf 2017 (with Brian Belet, Mara Helmuth, Madeleine Shapiro, Sylvia Pengilly & Elsa Justel)

Fede Halac –nyc emf 2017

Paul Humphreys –On the music of Paul Des Marais (Open Space CD 28)

Jon Forshee – If Music, as a Music

Thomas W. Patteson –Noise Before the Art of Noises

Elaine Barkin and Georgina Dobrée –Out of the Air

Caroline Kraabel –Ears of Dead People

Tamas Panitz – A Note on Charles Stein’s Twelve Drawings

Charles Stein –Overheard in CUNY cafeteria 1/11/82

Dean Rosenthal –Approaching Completeness

Christian Carey –Capuzzo’s Questions

Renée Coulombe –Does Pauline (Still) Exist?

Michael Bullock –Listening in/to the BSC

Michael Bach – Memories of Paul Zukofsky

Paul Zukofsky –Ce qu’on voit et ce qu’on ne voit pas

Pedro Rivadeneira –Meaning’s Rust

Joanna Pocock – “Pieces of Reality”: Phil Corner at Café Oto in London

Philip Corner – Anything

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