Tom Baker February 10, 1958: How Do You Make Music Without Substance?
A transcription of Chapter 6 of ‘A Thousand Plateaus’ by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
George Quasha and Chuck Stein Cut to the Radical of Orientation:
TWIN NOTES ON being in touch in Gary Hill’s [Videosmatic] Installation, ‘Cut Pipe’
Mary Lee Roberts As I Understand It:
Group Psychology (Felix Guattari) and Technological Isolation (Electroacoustic Music Composition and the Unabomber)
Mary Lee Roberts ‘Life Can Never Be Too Disorienting’ (Guy Debord):
Tracing the Situationists as Radical Lifestyle Improvisers, With Suggested Applications for Music Improvisers
Peter Monaghan A Conversation with John Butcher and Wally Shoup
John Rahn Composing and the Sense of Self
Arthur Margolin Epistemological Occasions
Benjamin Boretz Music, as a Music
Mark D. Nelson Enacting Process:
Cage, Zen Buddhism, and Indeterminacy
Bill Brooks and Steve Key Down….Down….Down
Michael Missiras The Transformative Power of Film Music:
Non-Diegetic Musical Considerations in the Film ‘East of Eden’
Ken Morrison Toward the Creation of an Intelligent Machine Improvisor
Luke Howard The Voice(-Over) of God:
Some Thoughts on the Disembodied Voice in Contemporary Music
Dick Higgins Two Scores (Published in Memorium)
Daniel Goode Three Scores, A Poem, and Two Short Essays
Tildy Bayar Having Time, Taking Time, Making Time:
Notes on Three Musics
Mary Lee Roberts Living with ‘music/consciousness/gender’
Ross Feller Ben’s Utopian Time (An essay inspired by ‘music/consciousness/gender’)
Martin Goldray Listening to Jim Randall’s ‘GAP2GAP3GAP4GAP5’
Benjamin Boretz Wiska Radkiewicz’s 60 Minute Exercise
Ross Feller A Review of Salvatore Martirano’s ‘O,O,O,O That Shakespeherian Rag’
Charles Stein Essay on Music (A Poem)

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