Issue 10      fall 2008

Dorota Czerner     at sea
Russell Richardson     Peter Hutton’s At Sea (A Review)
Chris Kennett     a tribe named chris: pop music analysis as idioethnomusicology
Catherine Lamb     moments of air
Michael Fowler     3 views of Sesshutei
Steve Greene     A guide to the first 10 tracks of ‘JKR Pass 3’
James Hullick     Alien Nation: Fritz Werder
Volker Straebel     Aspects of Conceptual Composition
Douglas C. Wadle     Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise
Elaine R. Barkin     The History You Make
Neely Bruce     A Memoir of Henry Brant
Seth Cluett     Postlude: The Body is a Sound Factory: Postlude to Henri Chopin
Elaine R. Barkin     Ron George
Michael Fowler     Für kommende Zeiten: Stockhausen Remembered
George Quasha     Hearing Speare Hearing through Sounds Themselves
David Lidov     Alexandra Pierce: Deepening Musical Performance
Mark So     nearing / hearing
Barbara White     In Search of Silence
Jason Freeman     Thoughts Around Terry Riley’s Chanting the Light of Foresight
Leslie Kearney     It’s Not His Words I’m Afraid Of
Richard Kostelanetz     Morton Feldman Says
William Anderson     A Mannerist Maximalist
Eric Myers     Other Minds 13: A Review
Walter Branchi     Listening to the Raga Yaman played by Zia Mohiuddin Dagar
Elaine R. Barkin     Conch Shell Suite by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy
Robert Morris     Dover Lane, 2008
Barbara Rose Lange     Two Theater Evenings in Bratislava
Benjamin Boretz     inside in, outside out