Issue 3     spring 2001

George Quasha     Axial Stones
Ross Feller     Realism Terrorism: mistaking signs for what they represent
(in memory of Herbert Brün)
Agostino di Scipio     “… composer est une bataille…” –pour la paix. Paragraphs on Xenakis
Charles Stein     For Marcia Lind (1951-2000), philosopher-scholar
Tom Baker     An Insterstitial Music
Daniel Charles     Postmodernism and the History of Music
Robert Morris     Some things I learned (didn’t learn) from Milton Babbitt,
or why I am (am not) a Serial Composer
Paul Lansky     Happily Listening (on Randy Hostetler)
John Rahn     Iannis Xenakis: Regard, Disregard, Liberation
Mary Lee Roberts     Being Around Brenda Hutchinson
Tildy Bayar     Review of ‘Bitstreams’ and ‘010101’ (Digital art in New York and San Francisco)
Joel Chadabe     Reflections on Iannis Xenakis
Robert Paredes     Re: view of Harry Partch
Eric Peterson     The Tangible Scientific Model as Quasi-Experiment:
Applying the ‘Mediating Model’ Concept of Johns-Hopkins-Style Clinical Sexology of Gender Identity Formation
James Harley     Iannis Xenakis: A Personal Memorial
Elaine Barkin     Colloquy and Review / Ten Texts
Linda Kernohan     Talking About Music: A Little Song of Dissent
Martin Supper     Notes on Interaction and Computer Music
J. K. Randall     It’s All Yours/ a note on Gap6
Benjamin Boretz     I / O
Robert Reigle     “Music Universe, Music Mind: Revisiting the Creative Music Studio”, by Robert E. Sweet
Gavin Borchert     New Recordings from Seattle-based Labels
Tom Dill     “Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music”, by Irwin Chusid
Mary Lee Roberts     “American Music in the Twentieth Century” by Kyle Gann, “Arcana: musicians on music” by John Zorn
Benjamin Boretz     Introduction for “Music Inside Out”, an anthology of texts by John Rahn
Alvin Curran     Reflections of an American Composer at the End of the Twentieth Century
Franz Kamin     “Colors”: A Performance Poem
J. K. Randall     To the Township Committee
Charles Stein     Notes