Issue 4    fall 2002

Donald Martino     Letter to the Editor
Benjamin Boretz, Charles Stein, Martin Brody, Robert Paredes     A Provocation and Three Responses
Martin Scherzinger     Rethinking Music as/in Musical Rethinking
Katharine Norman     Stepping Outside for a Moment: narrative space in two works for sound alone
Barbara White     Review: Audible Traces: Gender, Identity, and Music
Mary Lee Roberts     Review: ‘Essential Cowell’ edited by Dick Higgins
John McGinness     Rehearing Ives
Kyle Gann     The Case Against Over-Notation
Mark Nelson     Guinnevere
Tildy Bayar     The Contemporary State of Contemporary Music in the San Francisco Bay Area
Elaine Barkin     …at times as if…
Scott Burnham     A Review of John Rahn’s ‘Music Inside Out’
Scott Gleason     John Rahn’s ‘Music Inside Out’: A View
Benjamin Boretz     Prologue / {‘Whose Time, What Space’) /Prologue / little reviews
Elaine Barkin     Interactive Music Making: A Commentary
Newton Armstrong     Two By Four Tangents to a Text by Chris Mann
Robert Morris     Musical Form, Expectation, Attention and Quality
Mary Lee Roberts     Robert Morris’s ‘Playing Outside’
Scott Gleason     Musical Intuitions and the Functions of Music Theories
Charles Stein     “as if analogy were so” (Gerrit Lansing)
Renée Coulombe     Does Pauline Exist?
Christopher Delaurenti     “I Am the Messiah”
George Quasha     The Preverbs of Tell: News Torqued from Undertime
Alison Knowles and Joshua Selman     Mother Tongue