Issue 7     fall 2005

JKR / pass 1   

texts and scores by Walter Branchi, Robert Morris, Lewis Lockwood, Martin Boykan, Andrew Mead, Jane Coppock, Jon Forshee, Benjamin Boretz, Doug Henderson, Elaine Barkin Arthur Margolin
Bob Paredes (1948-2005)
Robert Paredes     How About the Platypus?
Mary Lee Roberts     Joseph Creek
Avron Boretz     The Bai Torch Festival
Ted Coffey     The Gates
Charles Stein     Dark Resonances: A Weblog
Alvin Curran     Donaueschingen 2005
Martin Supper     2005 Centenary of Annus Mirabilis: The “Einstein Year”
Paul Des Marais     Harold Shapero’s ‘Symphony for Classical Orchestra’ Revisited
Brad Bassler     And the seasons of the heart, and the articulate fevers
Elaine Barkin     BAB’s O / Milton Babbitt’s Groupwise / Conversations
Tidy Bayar     ‘Audio Culture’ by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner / Henry Gwiazda’s website
Keith Eisenbrey     Sowing Discord
William Anderson     Emersonian Music
Russell Richardson     Colonial Cinema & Mosaic Narrative
Leszek Brogowski     Ad Reinhardt: Painting and Writing translated by Dorota Czerner
Christopher Wintle     “Suddenly finding it really matters”: Psychology, Verdi, Aristotelian Form
Jon Radwan     Haptic Communication and Musical Aesthesis: Feeling in Jazz
Erik Ulman     Postcript to Cage, Young, and Lachenmann
Walter Branchi     On the Way / Music and the External World
Dorota Czerner     an itinerary of halves / fireflies
Michael Fowler     Textspace-Landscape